Saturday, May 9, 2015

PNG Christians must call on Jokowi to Free West Papua

Next week the President of Indonesia visits PNG. This is an atheist’s interpretation of the theology of the West Papua issue

There is the famous story of the Good Samaritan that is told in the Bible. A story really not aimed at how Good the Samaritan was but what a bunch of hypocrites the Priest and the Levite were.

So the Biblical story goes that a man was robbed and beaten and left on the side of the road to die. Along came a priest, who just ignored the victim and passed by. Then came the Levite (a person from the priestly tribe), who also just walked past. Then came the Samaritan (the outcast) who rescued the victim and provided healthcare. According to the Bible, the Samaritan had done the most christian thing.

Well now lets apply this to West Papua. The people there are being robbed of their land and resources and are being raped, tortured and murdered by Indonesians. This has been going on for decades right across the border from PNG whilst the Priests (Churches) and Levites (Christians) in Papua New Guinea have hidden their heads in the sand like ostriches.

If there’s one reason why many Christians in PNG should rot in Hell, it’s because they did not do what the Good Samaritan did and speak up against the victimization of West Papuans.

To those idiots who turned up to welcome the 400 year old Bible, that was an act of idolatry. You all now need some penance and my suggestion is that you get your sinful asses down to the airport to “welcome” the President of Indonesia when he comes to visit PNG.

Remind that leader of a murderous nation that Melanesians in West Papua have always been free for over 50 000 years and have never ceded sovereignty to Indonesia. Remind Jokowi that it is time to let go of West Papua and end decades of colonial rule.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bali Deaths: Could Australian Federal Police potentially assist in implementing the Death Penalty in #PNG?

In the context of the execution of two young Australians in Indonesia, I wish to explore the potential that the Australian Government and the Australian Federal Police may be inadvertently involved in the implementation of the death penalty in PNG. Currently, there are dozens of Australian Federal Police officers serving in the rank and file of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

Firstly though, I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to everyone who is mourning for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. The two were unfortunate victims of a belief that under certain circumstances man can take the life of another man under the guise of the state.

My blog isn’t about the Indonesian legal system but the link that the executions in Bali have to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). It has been widely reported of course, that Indonesian Authorities were able to arrest the two following a tip off from the AFP. The pros and cons of this decision by the AFP have been widely debated and I do not wish to enter the fray.

What I believe is of interest to both Australians and Papua New Guineans is that as PNG moves towards implementing capital punishment, it seems inevitable that AFP advisors will be assisting their PNG colleagues from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary on criminal matters that carry the death penalty.

This obviously begs the question, in the context of what has happened in Bali, does the Australian public support the implementation of the death penalty in PNG under the watchful eyes of Australian Federal Police advisors?

I believe the Australian people and the Australian Government would not want to be seen to be assisting in executing Papua New Guineans. I would suggest therefore that the Australian people support local voices (particularly the Churches in PNG) that oppose the death penalty and that Canberra apply pressure on Port Moresby regarding the issue.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I will be asking your foreign God for a Refund

So that 400 year old story book about a zombie (a zombie is a dead body that comes back to life), has finally arrived to PNG with a rousing welcome from part-time christians and corrupt politicians.

I wonder the man Jesus would think about spending thousands of kina on a junket trip to the US whilst children beg for food on the streets of Port Moresby and Lae. Yes there is theological basis for doing Him a favour once in while by pouring expensive perfume on His feet but I think the man would consider the reverence shown towards a 400 year old foreign book a little bit over the top and nearly equivalent to idolatry.

Apparently, corruption in parliament has been caused by the traditional carvings that represent 40 000 years of sustainable development in PNG.  As such, the Speaker of Parliament decided to chuck them out in 2013 and has been scheming since to replace them with a symbol of national unity grounded on the bible.

I have heard so many Papua New Guineans argue that the arrival of the missionaries brought peace and unity to PNG. I pity such Papua New Guineans because they actually have bought the racist narrative that our people were primitive prior to colonisation.

At face value, it seems like a true statement that the foreign missionaries and colonizers ‘civilized” our people.

But if you look at pre-missionary societies, they were independent self-sustaining nations. And just as modern states go to war over territorial disputes, the independent states that existed in New Guinea went to war to defend the integrity of their territories. Each of these states had their language, culture, agricultural methods, weaponry and laws. These states and their individual identities were subdued by the waves of religious and secular colonizers from the west.

Now more than ever, Papua New Guineans have to deconstruct the narratives of history and development or else we end up uprooting ourselves and building upon flimsy foundations based on foreign narratives. It is time that all those idiots out their who have been brainwashed by the pulpit and the education system, decolonize their minds or else we become a laughing stock of the global community committing suicide by cultural genocide.

The fact that the so called educated Christian elite of this country continue to sell out this nation and its resources for less than peanuts indicates a lack of pride in our cultural identity. If we are not proud of who we are, how do we vigorously defend the national interest and cut the best deals for our people?

At least pre-colonial “primitive” societies had the dignity to defend their national interests. Yes they may have been cannibalistic, stone-age societies but at least they didn’t bend over backwards to foreigners, foreign gods and foreign multinational corporations the way our so-called educated Christian leaders in politics and civil service have done since independence.

So yeah, I don’t expect the 400 year old foreign bible to somehow wipe out corruption and incompetence in the Haus Tambaran any time soon after its installment. I will therefore be demanding that this foreign God refunds all the tax payer funds related to its procurement and installment in Parliament. I am also going to ask the foreign God to apologize for the desecration of 40 000 years of cultural heritage in His name.