Monday, April 13, 2015

Mi no spak lo mani blo yu

I never understood what those coffee punch induced words spewed out by so called lunatics meant until recently when I was broke for several months. The moment I got paid, I went on an alcoholic spending spree, eventually passing out at Vision City and getting recused by my sister.

“Mi no spak lo mani blo yu” is not a “fuck you” statement but a cry for help.

I am almost 30, single and living with my parents. From the perspective of the male ego, that makes me a pathetic weasel. I guess for every young Papua New Guinean out there, what this means is that you’d be better off conforming to the norms and not unsettling the boat to make society better.

In PNG crime does pay and doing evil is far more rewarding than doing good.

Anyways as I was waiting for my invoices to be paid I was pretty frustrated. The problem with capitalists is that they expect the workers to deliver on schedule but will drag their fucking feet when it comes to paying of invoices.

PNG is a capitalist economy thus as I put 2 and 2 together it made sense to me why that scruffy guy would say “mi no spak lo mani blo yu”.

We live in a country where the number of foreign workers has increased by 30, 000 each year while PNG males drink down their sorrows coz they are paid less than peanuts Exploited PNG males who wish for a better deal but are handed crap pay.

Recently someone told me that even though I was charging a reasonable rate, I was being exploited. It made sense to me why a bottle of Shiraz doesn’t quench my pain (both physical and psychological), thus my resort to alcohol.

For once, “mi no spak lo mani blo yu” , made sense to me. I have never got drunk at my parent’s expense and now I understood why Sam Smith resonated with me.

I guess we Papua New Guinean males have become so demonized in the whole issue of gender politics that we ourselves are becoming victims of a western narrative that sees only females as victims of gender issues in PNG.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tribute to a great man - Late Dr Ray Anere

Late Dr Ray Anere (L) and I (R) on an Air Niugini Flight from Sydney to Port Moresby after attending a conference at Deakin University, Geelong
I only met him once on the flight from Sydney to Port Moresby and we probably had too many white cans and talked about our shared love for our country. I have always held Late Dr Anere in high regard and am very saddened by his passing. I feel honoured to have met such a great Papua New Guinean.

May your soul rest in peace sir

Twitter Tributes

From Radio New Zealand International correspondent - Johnny Blades

  1. I am truly saddened by the passing of Dr Ray Anere. May you Rest In Eternal Peace. Pic of he and I in 2013
  2. Sorry to hear that, Martyn. Dr Anere was a very nice guy, always obliging with his time.

From the editor of PNG Attitude Blog - Keith Jackson
My son Ben met Ray in 2013 & referred to him as an exceptional man. There is sadness in Noosa tonight

From my good friend Corney Alone

Sorry to hear that.Was with the National Research Institute.Heard him on radio many times. .

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fisheries to be debated this Friday on #PNG's leading talk show

Join us on Tanim Graun THIS FRIDAY as we discuss the opportunities and challenges of the Fisheries Sector in ‪#‎PNG‬.
Please BOOK A SEAT NOW BY EMAILING or CALL 323 4011 ext 307
REGISTRATION: Starts at 12 PM - filming of show at 1PM